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Approaching African History

Approaching African History
The 2014/2015 college-year has pretty much come to a close and summer in Boston has pretty much begun. Many African Immigrants and African Americans lack knowledge about African history. The solution is to use your free time to change that-if you are or are not a college student then read Approaching African History.

Michael Brett approaches African history in a comprehensive survey/historiogrphical review in Approaching African History. He addresses the lack of a written record in Africa; he addresses nationhood and especially the relationship between trade and politics, and the slave trade. His extensive knowledge of North African history is especially helpful to the Islamic novice seeking a detailed look at Northern African history.

I am yet to read this book, but I appreciate what Mr. Thornton J.K had to say about it in 2014. Read the above paragraph to read a summary of Mr. Thornton's views.

I actually found Thornton's review by searching the Boston University African Studies Library database, searching for African history in the database, and then copying and pasting the article name into the Full Sail Library database.

Thornton, J. K. (2014). Approaching African History. Journal Of Interdisciplinary History, 44(3), 422-423.

updated: 5 years ago